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Well I’ll be dipped! Guess what! Nah, you’ll never guess. Amazon has Forest Song: Letting Go IN STOCK in the paperback version! RIGHT ON TIME! YAYAYAY! So if you’ve preordered it, you should be getting it soon! And if you haven’t, well, WHY NOT! LOL! ENJOY!
Here’s the link! Vila

Barnes & Noble has a pre-order paperback price for Forest Song: Letting Go of just $10.08 and a Trial Membership FREE that includes FREE Express Shipping (for a trial period)! How cool is that!

Here is the link to this terrific deal!

Forest Song: Letting Go

In this third book of the Forest Song series Judy Baumann and her friends survive death-defying exploits along the Polish-German corridor during World War II, overcoming betrayal and loss with courage, cleverness and humor—all the way to the block-busting ending!

ISBN 978-1935407829

Perfect paperback Released October, 2010

280 pp $15.95

Also available in Kindle on at:
and at my website,


“Bożena, face mud striped, her hair whitened with dust, hurtled at me down a lonely country road. Tearing at her shirt, tripping over and falling into holes that had been blown into her path, she screamed words I could not hear. Terror froze my feet in place. I could not reach her, could not wrestle her to safety. Airplanes roared overhead; bombs exploding all around her; concussions picking her up and, like a rag doll, hurling her.” Forest Song: Letting Go, p 215

In Forest Song: Letting Go, her most recent book, I was drawn into Vila SpiderHawk’s web and held utterly spellbound from start to finish.
~ Jo Hayward Gray, author of Cat Tails &

Forest Song: Letting Go will keep you on the edge of your chair until the last page.
~Helen Collins, creator, editor, and publisher of Folk Music Ministry Magazine

The realization
Heavy with the armor of a mourner’s righteousness, I waited all afternoon near the silent telephone, knowing she’d call to apologize. When she didn’t I took the armor off piece by piece and actually considered what she'd said. I went to the foyer and, as if it were a Band-Aid, I ripped off the sheet that covered the full-length mirror and forced myself to look. She was right.

Bruised under my eyes with sleeplessness, I did look abused, and my normally plump cheeks had gone dark and hollow. My clothing folded around my body as if I were a child wearing her mother’s dress. I was evaporating swiftly, as inexorably as tea water screeching from a kettle. I couldn’t remember when I’d eaten last.

I checked the refrigerator. It was empty except for a very dead burger and some prehistoric fries. Surely I had eaten something. Oh, yes. I'd had cereal. I'd eaten it dry because there was no milk. And what else? There had to be something else. Wasn't there a warmed up can of baked beans? Or had that been the day before?

I used to love to eat. Used to love to cook, too. Sometimes I'd spend the entire day cooking. I'd fill the counters with bowls and pots and measuring cups and flat blond wooden spoons. I'd whip out everything in the fridge and make casseroles with silly names that would make Dana giggle, and we would feast on Mrs. Frumwort's Ginger Jungle Jumble or Lady Lana's Loony Linguine Lasagna while she'd tell me all about the doings at school.

"Mommy, guess what. Mrs. Raleigh chose my picture to hang on the bulletin board. It's the one I drew of you hanging laundry in the back yard, remember?" she'd asked me all flushed faced and proud as if I'd actually seen the drawing. And I’d felt left out somehow, tasting a hint of the time when she'd grow up and go her own way. I’d wanted to clutch her and devour her child's scent before her perfume changed from April sunshine to something more synthetic. I’d wanted to beg her not to grow up.

Excerpt from Hidden Passages: Tales to Honor the Crones, pp 200-201
Get this ebook for $4.99 at this secure server!

To see and hear Vila reading this excerpt, click here

We just lost our Mimi cat (otherwise known as Her Miminess). For twenty years this cat has been part of my body. Her death diminishes me greatly. I have written a poem for her in honor of her memory. Thank you for indulging me in this moment of grief. Vila

A Farewell to Mimi

Old crone,
queen of the house
and of my lap
and of my bed,
under the covers demanding
to be draped on my chest,
how will I sleep without you on my heart?

Ball of fluff
Curled in my arms,
soft purr wisely rumbling,
guarding my secrets
and my pillow,
whom shall I sing to in the dark?

Farewell, sweet old love
my sister of the soul.
Run now with the spirits
in that sunny meadowland.
You are free.

And I?
I must remain
for a moment.
But soon, very soon we’ll sleep together.

Vila SpiderHawk

How cool is this! Ari posted this review of someone else’s books on ebay, and look at whom she mentions! MOI! LOL! Vila

This was a set of three books, called "His Dark Materials" in the UK. It is one of the best fantasy trilogies I've read. I would rate Phillip Pullman right up there with JR Tolkien and Vila SpiderHawk. If you love fantasy, you will love these books. Arianhrhod Wolfchild

How cool is this! Vila

Welcome to the LITERARY Update at Whispers of the Muse!

POETRY, NEW Forest Song: Little Mother, by poet and author, Vila SpiderHawk. Elegant and lively, just like Vila’s beautiful books!

LITERARY SPIDERHAWK FLASH FICTION, NEW from author Vila SpiderHawk! Flash fiction story entitled “Night”. Vila SpiderHawk, fabulous author of Forest Song: Finding Home, Forest Song: Little Mother and the Forest Song Cookbook offers the Muse some of her beautiful flashfiction.

Enjoy the great reading! Support our authors in the NEW MUSE SHOPPING GUIDE, with 40 published authors and over 88 books for you to peruse, choose, enjoy or give as gifts … perfect for your Summer Reading! See you all October17, 2010 for another Literary Update. As always, thank you all so much for reading at Whispers of the Muse!

Write on!
Riley and Natalie

I play -

This was not what I’d expected. I had wished for my lover to ride in on a steed looking golden and handsome and strong. I had hoped for a champion who would cherish and protect me, not a broken, bleeding man in need of care. I’d wanted flowers, and charm, maybe even poetry. And I’d wanted to feel the kind of glowing adoration that had glistened in Bożena’s eyes. So absorbed was I in my romantic disappointment that I almost missed the rustling in the woods.

“He’s just a Jew.” The words, clipped to precise sharp angled bits, startled me from behind. Automatically falling on the wounded man, I wrenched my neck and found the menacing stranger. As slender and tall as the upright of a fence and as gray as new iron pot, he brandished a Lugar and ordered me to move. His eyes hurled stones of hatred as black as anthracite. Each one settled in my belly with a bruise.

Excerpt from Forest Song: Little Mother, pp 158-159
To see and hear Vila reading this excerpt, click

FREE READ from Forest Song: Letting Go!

FREE READ from Forest Song: Little Mother


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